Water and Food Research Programme

The The Water and Food Research Programme (WFRP) is a unique Jordanian semi-government scientific research and development program, established in June 2011 to provide integrated solutions for better water resources management, effective methods of food production and sustainable models for conserving and managing Jordan’s environment. WFRP operates in Jordan under the umbrella of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD), and its activities cover the whole country. To achieve its goals, WFRP integrates research, extends local knowledge to significantly increase the productivity of water used in farming, improves product quality, decreases malnourishment and poverty, and maintains environmental sustainability.

Program Manager
Eng. Nawras Al Jazi 

Telephone : +962 6 5335284 Ext.104
FAX : +962 6 5355680
P. O. Box (902) Al-Jubaiha 11941 Amman Jordan
email: nawras@ncrd.gov.jo