Dry land Academy

In cooperation with NCRD (Badia Research Program)/ HCST and ICARDA signed MOU ,the Hashemite University will establish an academy for dry land on the local and regional levels (Academy) as follows:

  •       To be responsible for the accreditation of the Academy with the Higher Education Institutions and achieving approvals of pertinent agencies in compliance with the duly observed practices and academic norms observed in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  •       In co-operation with the other two parties, to look for funding sources to establish the Academy and providing it with equipment, tools, and human resources.
  •       To provide the appropriate location on the Hashemite University Campus and ensure that the Engineering Department at the University will be tasked with the identification of its location and the production of the required blueprints. The Hashemite University will not bear any cost regarding the establishment of the academy.
  •       To arrange for the Academy to award certificates and scientific degrees (B.Sc., Higher Diploma, and M.Sc).
  •       To facilitate that the Academy conducts research, studies, and training courses on dry and semi dry areas pertinent to the heritage and socio-economic studies therein.