1. Develop research capabilities in Jordan and create networks with researchers abroad.
  2. Connect research results with other science, technology and innovation efforts and translate the research results into productive activities or businesses.
  3. Participate in solving problems at the national level related to infrastructure, natural resources, and business and production requirements.

In order to achieve the above objectives, NCRD performs the following activities:

  • Identification of local capabilities and efforts in areas of research, available at higher education institutions and research centers in Jordan, and coordination among them.
  • Establishment of new programs in research fields related to priorities in science, technology and innovation policy in Jordan.
  • Support for applied research, and encouraging innovation and invention in the fields of work of the center.
  • Encouraging the establishment of commercially viable companies based on research output.
  • Convening and participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops in the fields of research of the center.
  • Human resource development of research personnel and in doing so, cooperation with local, regional and international experts and organizations.
  • Building research networks among Jordanian researchers and their counterparts abroad.
  • Encouraging the establishment of research posts in universities and establishing a national network that utilizes sabbatical leaves and cooperative research work.