Cooperation with CNR Italy (2018-2020)

The National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) has signed an agreement 2018 on scientific cooperation with the Italian National Research Council of Italy to exchange knowledge and to support joint research projects between Jordanian researchers & their counterparts from Italy. Accordingly, Jordanian researchers from universities and research centers were invited to submit joint research proposals that will be supported equally by the National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) & the Italian National Research Council, The projects were in the following areas:

  •  Applications of Nanotechnology for sustainable agriculture
  •  Applications of Nanotechnology for Energy
  • Applications of Nanotechnology for cultural heritage
​The selection of the winning joint research project in each area was on competitive basis , the Winner Projects Are (2018-2020) :
1- Tomato leaf curl new Delhi virus and other alien or emerging Gemini viruses, a serious threat to vegetable production in Italy and Jordan.
2- Earthen Building( study of characterization, recovery and innovation in materials and historical construction techniques”)
3- A guide for archaeological sites using augmented reality and story telling .


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