Strategic Plan

The National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) is mandated to develop scientific capacity and capabilities in the field of biotechnology, energy, Badia research and other research of interest. The center overtakes responsibilities, activities and programs in previously existed centers. In order to achieve tangible thrust in research and development it is important to delineate priorities that respond to urgent current needs of the country. It is envisaged that research and development activities under these priority areas would cut across issues covering the mandated R&D domain of NCRD (i.e. biotechnology, energy, Badia research etc.). The successful implementation of research and development roadmaps that can achieve desired impact calls for involvement of enabling factors in the process such as appropriate technology transfer, private sector and civil society and use of ICT for smart specialization. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, food security and health constitute major concern for policy makers, and warrant attention by the highest political level in the country. The concern was justified knowing that some food exporting countries imposed export restrictions on key staple food items like rice and wheat. The lockdown and movement restriction further exacerbate the problem and negatively impacted the food supply chains. The impact where increasing food production while maintaining the integrity of functional ecosystem can minimize vulnerability and risk associated with manmade or natural crisis. In this context NCRD identified food security and health as priority areas for research and development over the coming 6-7 years (2021-2028). It is anticipated that the research and development programs in these areas will enhance availability and access to nutritional food and help maintain a healthy vibrant population that can effectively participate in the socio-economic activities of the society.


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